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An Afternoon with Bathurst Muses

May 22, 2012

Writing together gives us wonderful opportunities to share our stories with members of our group.  But we also aspire to reach a larger audience with our polished works.  This winter, we created our own audience at an afternoon reading for family and friends.

Each member of the writing group submitted one piece for publication in a group anthology. The intrepid Anita Morris assumed responsibility for design, layout and printing of the elegant coil-bound book. Valerie McDonald and Alison Girling proofread each story for typos.  Anita arranged to print a limited run of 60 copies to provide to guests.

A week before the event, we gathered for a dress rehearsal. With eight authors presenting, we limited each performance to five minutes. We helped each other choose the most gripping scenes from longer pieces and commented on the pace and volume of the practice performances.

On the day of the event the writers gathered early to set out food and prepare to greet our twenty or so guests.  Being the multi-talented group that we are, the pot-luck tea was as delightful and varied as the readings. Val assumed the role of MC to introduce each writer and to keep the readings on time. The audience was attentive and appreciative.  Our host, Anita, concluded the formal reading with thanks and invited the audience to seek autographs and extend offers of book deals and movie adaptations (starring…).

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